Our experience with Ms. Nina Petrow was a very positive one. She helped us to settle a very bad situation with a positive outcome! Nina was knowledgeable with the law, quick to get us answers. Ms. Petrow always answered our questions, returned our phone calls in a very timely fashion. I have no doubt that if she accepts your case to work on she will be able to handle it with the same expertise she did for us.

Gloria and Lacie Richardson

San Antonio, Texas

Nina Petrow has served as my personal and professional Legal Counsel for quite some time.  I consider her to be both friend and advocate.  In her efforts on my behalf, Nina Petrow has consistently demonstrated competence, knowledge of the law, timely service, effective action, and excellent results. Moreover, Nina’s fees have been fair and affordable.  Most importantly, she is unlike so many attorneys who allow you to feel left out of your own legal loop.  I have absolutely no qualms recommending Nina and her Petrow Law Group to you.

Gay Guilott

San Antonio, Texas

Honest, straight forward, professional, knowledgeable and so very helpful. I came to Nina in a bad situation, I was scared and so lost, but she helped me every step of the way.  Nina was on it, answered any andevery question I may have had and was always good about getting back to me immediately. I am so appreciative of her and thankful she was able to help, guide and advise me. Nina provided me with honest, fair, compassionate and affordable legal services.  There is no other way to say how thankful I am for her help. As Nina’s former client I can honestly say she is a Great Attorney and most definitely recommend her.

Connie Margulies

San Antonio, Texas

Look no further, you just found the best Attorney in the world, Nina Petrow. If you are in a position to need an attorney, something is going on in your life or your work that is anything but pleasant. You need someone to help you fight, you need someone to support your position and look out for your best interest. You will need someone intelligent, very well versed in law, and most important, someone unrelenting in their pursuit of getting you justice. When I came to Nina Petrow, my life was on the line. I was afraid and I felt alone. I was not in a position to fight for myself at the time. When Nina Petrow became my attorney, she “lived” my case. I knew she had other clients but she made me feel like I was her only client. She cared about the person, not just the case. Watching her do her job and save my life the way she did, no one could have stopped Nina from winning and winning with passion, grace and intelligence. There is no better attorney, it just does not get any better than Nina Petrow. Trust her.

Gigi Campbell

San Antonio, Texas

When you are looking for exceptional legal services and peace of mind knowing that your case will be handled with professionalism and integrity, look no further than Nina Petrow. During a really stressful time, she was always there to answer our questions and guide us in making the right decisions to achieve the best outcome in our case. We would highly recommend Nina Petrow and the Petrow Law Group!

Justin and Barbara Holland

San Antonio, Texas

I can’t say enough about Nina. Every word you read on  how she and her firm handle their clients is true. She helped me and my husband  handle a big corporate company and I’m really impressed how professional she is yet so down to earth. I consider her my attorney and friend.

Wiley and Dobbie Slagle

Bandera, Texas

Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for all that you did for me during my lawsuit against the Foundation Company that misrepresented themselves and who practically destroyed my home in front of my eyes. Never having to retain an attorney in my life, I was so scared of the unknown, but you always were available to discuss my concerns and fears regardless of how busy you were with other cases. You reassured me and helped me build my confidence and lessen my fears during the traumatic experience I had endured with the Foundation Company. I also would especially like to Thank you for the wonderful settlement that was awarded to repair my house. I would highly recommend you to anyone who might need similar help.

Armandina Pena

San Antonio, Texas

When legal advice and assistance are needed, it is usually not easy to find the “right” lawyer — the one who has the required extreme knowledge, and the one you really can trust. This is true even when your problems occur in your own hometown, and just imagine when your problems occur more that 1200 and 2400 miles away. When we needed legal help, both in San Antonio and Los Angeles, Nina and her Associates took immediate action and quickly solved our problems in both locations. We are very fortunate to connect with Nina, the best attorney anybody ever could find, and we will always be grateful. Thank you Nina.

Ake and Marcia Eriksson

Camden, South Carolina

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